Trauma and PTSD

If you have experienced trauma in your life, whether directly or indirectly -concerning someone close to you – then I know just how much this caneffect everything that you do.Many clients who come to me for help with an unresolved trauma, which they feel is hanging over them, may also have an addiction to something as well.

It could be that you find you can’t function properly, are haunted by the past and feel constantly on edge. Be assured that this is not in any way a sign of weakness. The strongest of people suffer in exactly the same way. This condition is an unfortunate result of the mind not processing a traumatic event in the way that normal ones are processed – as if the event is ‘trapped’ in the memory; where it is run over and over again in the background.

Emotional Trauma

Post traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) *

Phobias and Phobic Responses

Unexplained Anger

Some forms of Physical Pain *

Severe Headaches *

Guilt, Shame and Remorse

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( OCD ) *

Anxious Apprehension and Worry

Public Speaking Nerves

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