Stop smoking hypnotherapy

How can I help?

Many people try to give up smoking through sheer willpower – and a great number fail.

With Hypnotherapy, you don’t need will power just a 100% commitment to giving up smoking.

This can be achieved in as little as one session.

That is, if you really WANT to give up.

How to start – to stop smoking

If you are considering hypnotherapy to quit smoking the first step is to make sure you really are choosing to quit for yourself.

Hypnotherapy is most effective when you really want to quit – if you are doing it because you think you ‘should’ or because a friend or family member is pushing you, you may not get the results you want.

Cigarettes can become, for most people, part of a coping mechanism to try to deal with emotional pressures like stress and boredom.

When a smoker becomes upset, they will reach for a cigarette to try and feel better. The truth is that cigarettes are a false friend that tries to control and injure you.

There are much more positive ways to learn to calm yourself and feel better – without replacing smoking with food and putting on weight.

You can learn how because I will teach you how.

Why stop smoking?

Particularly with the threat of the coronavirus, now more than ever we have to consider the impact that smoking has on the lungs.

Let’s consider, what is smoking really doing for you? It’s damaging your health, discolouring your teeth and fingers and it’s costing you money you could be spending on other more worthwhile things.

If you currently smoke 20 a day, spending £11.70 per packet. You will save…

  • £81.90 per week
  • £355.88 per month
  • £4270.50 per year.

Statistics also show that smokers pay with their health.

The results from a 50-year study show that half to two thirds of all lifelong cigarette smokers will be eventually killed by their habit.

What are the benefits of stopping smoking?

In short, the benefits of giving up smoking are that it will save you money and save you and your loved one’s lives.

  • You will breathe more easily and have more energy to do things
  • You will feel less stressed and have better smell and taste
  • You will have better sex and be more likely to start a family
  • You will have younger skin and whiter teeth
  • You will live longer and so will your loved ones.

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