Relationship counselling & couples therapy

Relationships are a really important part of our lives and can have a significant effect on how we feel about ourselves and the world.

No matter how strong your relationship is, lockdown can challenge even the happiest of couples.

If there were already some difficulties between yourself and your partner, extra pressure or stress might lead to further problems or it can bring you closer together.

Adapting to change while being in a relationship

Like a strong wind can destroy a plant if the roots are not well rooted, life circumstances can pull a relationship apart if we don’t have the necessary internal resources to thrive.

Relationships are a mirror, so any problems might be ‘acted out’ in them.

This can lead to arguing, communication breakdown, bad behaviours, cheating, withholding affection or giving up, to name a few.

Why has your relationship broken down? Sometimes a person can get stuck in a particular pattern that ends in destroying a relationship.

Do you think you need help breaking a negative pattern?

My approach to relationship and couples counselling

I work with couples at various stages of difficulty in their relationship, helping them to communicate more effectively and  identifying negative patterns in the relationship.

I will help you work toward achieving a strong and secure relationship, one that provides a nurturing, supportive environment. One that will help both of you meet any challenge you might encounter.

For some couples, counselling is the start of a longer process of discovery, while for others, a few sessions of counselling may be all that is needed to move you through a rough patch. 

Please contact me to book a consultation and we can discuss this in confidence.

couples therapy

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Clinical Hypnotherapist


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I work flexible hours to suit my clients, but as a general guide:

Mon – Fri: 10am – up until 9pm
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