Hypnotherapy Hereford

Whatever brings you here during these uncertain and challenging times, I’m here to offer you support, a listening ear and guidance where needed.

I’m Andrea Hughes I’ve been practising hypnotherapy in Hereford for over twelve years now.

I specialise in relationship counselling and family therapy in groups or one-to-one. 

I belong to a new breed of therapist-coaches who combine  conventional therapy practices with coaching and hypnotherapy.

I also help people overcome challenges of all kinds from giving up smokinglosing weightovercoming phobiasreducing anxietyhandling stressmanaging depression and recovering from trauma and PTSD.

We can either do the session online via zoom or you can visit me at my at my practice at Wilson’s Chambers in Hereford.

One-to-one therapy

Are you struggling to come to terms with a really difficult life event?

Or are you wanting to overcome a challenge – one that seems just a bit daunting?

Counselling and life coaching provides you with the space to explore whatever it is you are dealing with, or being challenged by.

Couples therapy

For various reasons there can be a breakdown in communication with those closest to you. During such times therapy can help bring people together with a better understanding of each other.

Family therapy

Family therapy can help you and your family work through the difficulties you are facing collectively or individually.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Many people try to give up smoking through sheer willpower but eventually fail. With Hypnotherapy, you don’t need willpower – just a 100% commitment to giving up smoking.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

The aim is to help you feel confident about your body, change any negative thoughts about eating enabling you to lose weight healthily and responsibly without impacting upon your emotional well-being.

Hypnotherapy for common phobias

I’ve helped many people in Hereford to overcome fears of everyday things such as fear of flying and fear of spiders to name just two.


Hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress, depression and PTSD

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for overcoming mant psychological conditions.

Take a look at my treatments page for more information on all the conditions I can help with.


What should I expect from a session with you?

Firstly, we will have a chat to discuss what you are having problems with or what you hope to achieve and then we agree on which approach best suit you.

Once we have done this then i will start the hypnotherapy.

  • Beginning with a deeply relaxed state
  • Use of the agreed approach, for example, you want to stop smoking
  • You are completely aware of what I am saying, while in a state of heightened focus and concentration
  • Hypnosis doesn’t work if you don’t want to be hypnotised.

Find out more about what is hypnotherapy and how I work.

"Andrea has a sympathetic manner, she is an excellent listener and has a wealth of techniques at her finger tips. As one of her clients I cannot speak too highly of her approach to Hypnotherapy and her total integrity.

The results she achieves in all the therapies she practises are impressive."


"I believe Andrea to be unique in her ability to show you that you already possess the attributes you want, and how she works with you to bring them into practise. 

If you are thinking about hypnotherapy, I strongly recommend Andrea – not only is she a highly-skilled coach, but she is also a wonderful person to know."


Contact Andrea Hughes

Clinical Hypnotherapist


07966 393926


Wilson’s Chambers, 13 Commercial Street, Hereford, HR1 2BB


I work flexible hours to suit my clients, but as a general guide:

Mon – Fri: 10am – up until 9pm
Saturdays: 10am – up until 3pm