It’s only a very small word ‘family’, but it carries with it so much weight and has many different meanings.

How you define your family is what works for you, whether it’s your blood relatives, friends or pets, or perhaps a combination of these.

Families can be very complicated because everyone is unique.

Each person thinks, feels, talks and sees things in a different way and each person has different strengths and weaknesses.

All kinds of circumstances can put pressure on a family such as illness, moving home, new family members, divorce, death, trauma or it could be as simple as a difference of opinion.

How family therapy can help
Family therapy can help you and your family work through the difficulties you are facing collectively or individually.

It can enable you and your family to build on the areas that bring you all together and to work on the areas that are separating you.

It is an opportunity to find ways forward and to reach a level of understanding to make useful changes.

My approach to family therapy
The family can be a place where we feel love and support enabling us to go out into the world with confidence, self assurance and emotional strength. 

It can be the foundation for everything we do in our lives. 

If your family unit is breaking down we can work together to help you better understand yourself and the impact of how you view yourself, others, and your external world. 

Therapy is a combined venture, how we work together will depend on what you bring to therapy. 

Drawing from a range of training, theory and research findings I bring a combined knowledge base from CBT, Solution Focused, mindfulness, to coaching and hypnosis to fit your families needs. 

My aim is to understand and connect with you and your family and to provide a welcoming and supportive space for you all. 

Finding out about ourselves in front of a receptive and nurturing other can be a rewarding and enriching process, with many families finding that their therapy becomes an enjoyable part of personal growth.

Please contact me to book a consultation and we can discuss this in confidence.

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