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 If you have found your way to my website you, or someone close to you, will probably be struggling with a problem that you would like help to address.

Whatever brings you here during these uncertain and challenging times, I’m here to offer you support, a listening ear and guidance where needed.

I’m Andrea Hughes, a professional therapist with over 20 years of experience in private practice.

I specialise in relationship counselling and family therapy in groups or one-to-one. 

I belong to a new breed of therapist-coaches who combine  conventional therapy practices with coaching and hypnotherapy.

I also help people overcome challenges of all kinds from giving up smoking; losing weight; overcoming phobias; reducing anxiety; handling stress; managing depression and recovering from trauma and PTSD.

Andrea Hughes


Why use hypnotherapy?

I combine talking therapies with hypnotherapy as it’s one of the most effective ways of resolving
emotional, psychological and sometimes physical problems.

Why? Simply put, because it quickly gets to the root of the problem and then removes it at the root.

If you consider that the subconscious is the area of the mind where all our behavioural patterns are stored,
it makes sense that this would be the place we would need to go in order to make the changes
we are seeking to find.

Unsure of what type of therapy will be the best for you?

In your FREE initial consultation we can discuss the best way forward
for the treatment of your particular issue

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I am now seeing patients both in-person and online.

I’ve been doing online hypnotherapy for some time and have realised it can be a very effective way of connecting with clients.

Hypnotherapy in Hereford & Ludlow

I usually see patients at either one of my clinics.

One is in the heart of Hereford and the other in Ludlow, Shropshire.

How I can help you…

Now that you have found your way here you have already completed one of the hardest parts.

Whether you’re looking for a counsellor or hypnotherapist, or you’re seeking the benefits of CBT, Solution Focused, NLP, or Psychoanalytic or online therapy sessions, I provide a number of specialist services capable of helping with a wide range of symptoms and problems.

It will only take a few sessions before you experience noticeable benefits.

I’m proud to be a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

National Council for Hypnotherapy

Below are descriptions of the common symptoms and problems I can help with. 

If your particular issue isn’t mentioned below I may still be able to help you. Please do get in touch.

Please be aware that the information provided on this website is only a guide and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice.

Stop smoking

Many people try to give up smoking through sheer willpower but eventually fail. With Hypnotherapy, you don’t need willpower – just a 100% commitment to giving up smoking.

This can be achieved in as little as one session – if you really WANT to give up. Go to my stop smoking hypnotherapy page…

Losing weight

Using powerful suggestion techniques, I will help you develop a new, positive relationship with food and exercise.

The aim is to help you feel confident about your body, change any negative thoughts about eating enabling you to lose weight healthily and responsibly without impacting upon your emotional well-being.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

Fear of flying can simply be a fear of aeroplanes or it could be connected to other problems such as anxiety, past trauma, panic attacks, claustrophobia or PTSD.

If you suffer from fear of flying, hypnotherapy can identify and treat the underlying causes.

Read a fear of flying testimonial from a recent client.

Hypnotherapy for fear of spiders (Arachnophobia)

It’s probably impossible for you to imagine being in the same room as a spider if you have a fear, or phobia of, spiders.

Phobic reactions are triggered by a fight or flight response negotiated by the part of the brain called the Amygdala.

Using Hypnosis, I can gently re-educate this part of the brain that spiders need not be treated as life threatening.

Hypnotherapy for eating disorders

Eating disorders are usually a signpost to a deeper problem.

I will help you to discover the reason for the unwanted, damaging behaviour and enable you to make empowered choices in your life including a healthy and positive relationship with food.

Increasing your self confidence

Self confidence is a psychological quality related to (but distinct from) self esteem.

Having high levels of self confidence can bring huge benefits to all areas of an individual’s life: in relationships, career, social life and state of mind – so many people who lack self confidence aspire to achieve it.

Hypnotherapy for confidence

Family therapy

Family therapy may be with your partner, children, parents or other family members.

For various reasons there can be a breakdown in communication with one another, during such times family therapy can help bring people together with a better understanding of each other. 

Take a look at my family therapy page.

Relationship therapy

Relationships reflect who we are and any problems we might have can be ‘acted out’ in them.

Sometimes a person can get stuck in a particular pattern that ends in destroying relationship.

Do you think you need help breaking a negative pattern? Take a look at my couples therapy page.

Hypnotherapy for social anxiety

Anxious or traumatic associations can create a pattern of reaction in our minds.

Hypnosis will help you start replacing anxious associations with calm, relaxed and confident ones. It’s both a proven and highly effective way of resolving social anxiety

Hypnotherapy for alcohol dependency

Alcohol dependency can be incredibly hard to break. It can harm the mind, body and your relationships.

Hypnotherapy can be tailored to work with your triggers, changing the way you react and help stop the craving.

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks

Panic attacks can occur for a number of reasons and are almost always rooted deep in the subconscious mind.

For effective treatment I use a variety of approaches, including hypnosis, that all connect to the autonomic nervous system, rebalancing and effectively eliminating symptoms.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress and depression

I can help reduce your anxiety now and make sure it never comes back in the future.

By reducing stress, feelings of fear and intense worry, working with the subconscious bringing calming thoughts.

You will be surprised at the differences you will begin to notice in yourself  – and sooner than you might have been expecting.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for overcoming stress.

You can use Hypnosis to get into a deeply relaxed state, release tension, create more positive thoughts and trigger your relaxation response.

It can also help you achieve various lifestyle changes that can reduce the amount of stress you encounter in your life. 

Hypnotherapy for stress

Depression can often be a subconscious shut-down, the body’s way of protecting you from further emotional pain.

It can also be repressed anger or the subconscious mind’s way of getting your attention, letting you know you there are issues that require your attention.

Hypnotherapy for depression

Hypnotherapy for OCD

Changing old patterns and getting to the root cause is the key to ending compulsive thoughts, the basis of which is anxiety. 

The mind forms a pattern in which the compulsion is an attempt to release or ‘escape’.

Often the compulsive mind has an advanced intricate level of working and complicated systems of order.

It is possible to give solutions to that order without the need for compulsion.

Hypnotherapy & Counselling for PTSD

If you have experienced trauma in your life, whether directly or indirectly  – concerning someone close to you – then I know just how much this can effect everything that you do.

Many clients who come to me for help with an unresolved trauma, which they feel is hanging over them, may also have an addiction to something as well.

Please be assured that while PTSD is becoming more common it’s also very treatable.

Hypnotherapy & Counselling for PTSD

"Andrea has a sympathetic manner, she is an excellent listener and has a wealth of techniques at her finger tips. As one of her clients I cannot speak too highly of her approach to Hypnotherapy and her total integrity.

The results she achieves in all the therapies she practises are impressive."


"I believe Andrea to be unique in her ability to show you that you already possess the attributes you want, and how she works with you to bring them into practise. 

If you are thinking about hypnotherapy, I strongly recommend Andrea – not only is she a highly-skilled coach, but she is also a wonderful person to know."


Andrea Hughes


I’ve worked with people of all ages all over the world from professional golfers to people who want to acheive high grades or are experiencing exam stress.

The therapies I use include CBT, Solution Focused, Psycho-Analytic, NLP, Carl Jung and Dream Analysis to name but a few.

What is hypnotherapy and what should I expect?

Hypnosis can be described as a trance-like state, enabling you to access deep rooted beliefs and patterns that influence how you behave.

To start with, we will discuss what your problem is or what you hope to achieve and agree on which approach suits you.

  • Beginning with a deeply relaxed state
  • Use of the agreed approach, for example, you want to stop smoking
  • You are completely aware of what I am saying, while in a state of heightened focus and concentration
  • Hypnosis doesn’t work if you don’t want to be hypnotised.

Find out more about my approach in my what is hypnotherapy page.

I’m here to help





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I work flexible hours to suit my clients, but as a general guide:

Mon – Fri: 10am – up until 9pm
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